Rich But Stingy, The Behavior Of These Top 8 Makes You Rub Your Chest

Jakarta, – Rich is a blessing, but stingy is a choice. No need to be surprised when you meet a rich curmudgeon.

Never mind doing charity or donating, every time we eat out, we always ask for a treat. Even though the intention is to be thrifty, still stingy cannot be equated with thrifty. summarizes one of Time’s articles about a row of rich people who are also often called the world’s most stingy. Curious? Here’s the review.

1. Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977)

Generation Z probably wouldn’t know the rich mime comedians of their time. Just imagine, in 1916 he had an income of US $ 10 thousand in one week!

A writer named Kenneth Lynn said that Chaplin had a habit of “poorly defended.” When he had dinner with his friends, Chaplin never wanted to pay and in the end, his friends had to treat him.

Marlon Brando, a senior actor who played Don Vito Corleone (Godfather) even called Chaplin a tyrant (dictator). Brando satirized the comedian by saying that Chaplin was so tight-fisted he might never spend a dime in his life.

That said, because he did not want to spend large amounts of money, Chaplin asked the carpenter at the film studio where he worked to help him.

What do you think about Chaplin? Is he stingy or frugal?

2. J. Paul Getty (1892 – 1976)

This oil entrepreneur is also often called the world’s stingy person. This is because when invited to every event, Getty reportedly always asks people who invite him to pay for luxury class flights, of course he won’t want to pay it with his own money.

One surprising thing is that when he bought his London mansion, he installed payphones for guests. As a result, everyone who wants to borrow their phone has to spend money.

Getty also always chooses to stay in luxury hotels, but the funny thing is, the room he chooses is always the cheapest room. For the hotel case, maybe Getty is more appropriate to be called thrifty.

3. Cary Grant (1904 – 1986)

Funny, handsome, but stingy, those three words were often used by the media to describe a seasoned actor in the 1930s era.

At that time, Grant was indeed one of the highest-paid celebrities who married one of the richest women in the world, Barbara Hutton.

That said, he is known to be stingy in matters of life. He doesn’t hesitate to charge laundry fees and all expenses for friends or relatives who stay at his house.

Even his fans were asked for 25 cents if they wanted to ask for his autograph.

4. Hetty Green (1834 – 1916)

He was one of the well-known figures in the investment field of his time. Green has also been named the richest woman in the United States as well as the “Witchcraft of Wall Street.”

The nickname “witch grandmother” was actually given to her because she often wore all-black suits to work and Green was also a cold woman.

Why is he called a miser? Because every time Green goes to the clinic, it is reported that he often wears shabby clothes and fake names to get free treatment.

Even though he has property assets in New York, Boston, and Chicago, he instead rents cheap apartments. Even eating at restaurants is still a bargain. There are people like this.

But, one thing that might make you ignite is, his son had lost his own leg because Green refused to pay for medical expenses.

5. Leona Helmsley (1920-2007)

The wife of the owner of The New York Hotel was a socialite woman of her time. But reportedly, Helmsley is not liked by many people because of his stingy nature.

He himself once bluntly said, “We (the rich) don’t have to pay taxes, only the common people have to pay.” As a result, he was once sued by eight contractors.

Apart from evading taxes, he was also accused of falsifying sales from his company. Finally Helmsley had a chance to experience life behind bars.

6. HL Hunt (1889 – 1974)

Hunt is also a rich businessman in the oil sector and is often called stingy to himself.

Call it like he has to cut his own hair, drive himself even though he is old, and park his car far outside the office so as not to pay for parking.

After the media investigated, it turned out that Hunt lived a polygamous life and had three families and seven children. However, the public only knows that he has only one wife.

Is being stingy with yourself aiming so that Hunt can support his three families? May be.

7. John F. Kennedy (1917 – 1963)

The President of the United States, who was shot dead, is known for his generosity. John F Kennedy (JFK) himself was a kayaker from birth.

However, this handsome president bears little resemblance to Charlie Chaplin. This is because JFK almost never spent a penny on food, and always asked friends, colleagues, and even members of the Secret Service, aka his Paspampres, to treat him.

His stingy attitude immediately became a topic of conversation in society after his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, was caught misusing White House cash to buy luxury clothes. Fortunately, JFK admitted his mistake.

8. Aristotle Onassis (1906 – 1975)

After JFK died, Jacqueline Kennedy finally married a ship entrepreneur who was also a crazy rich. But, Onassis is also the same as JFK, often called stingy, even though he looks very royal to his wife.

That said, Onassis was the most anti in giving tips for anything. He is even willing to not wear a suit when visiting a nightclub because he refuses to look rich and has to pay US$ 5 for a tip to the bartender or server.

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