Revealed! This is David Ozora’s medical expenses

Jakarta, – Jonathan Latumahina, father of David Ozora who was a victim of abuse by the son of a former Director General of Taxes, finally commented on his son’s medical expenses. It turns out that Jonathan has already bought his beloved son health insurance with a limit of up to IDR 4 billion.

Not long ago, news also emerged stating that the cost of David’s treatment was Rp. 1.2 billion. Jonathan also reportedly refused medical expenses assistance from Rafael Alun Trisambodo. Jonathan finally opened his voice about his son’s medical expenses.

“This is how netijen2 sotoy and netijen2 are paid for by rats, David’s maintenance costs are guaranteed to be prudential because I’ve been a member for a long time. Pruden is responsible for up to 4M + 12, if you want to know, ask @nyonyakepiting Just. I’m not lazy to answer those issues from the past, in my opinion it’s not important,” wrote Jonathan on his Twitter account @seeksixsucks, (12/4).

In the next post, Jonathan also shows the black PRUmedical Network insurance card from Prudential.

As is known, the greater the annual limit owned by an insurance, the more expensive the premium that must be paid. But of course the protection you get will be more optimal.

So how do you choose health insurance that is safe, has large limits, and is within your budget? Here’s the review.

Choose a product from insurance from a healthy company

The easiest way to find out the financial health of an insurance company is to look at the value of the company’s risk based capital (RBC).

In simple terms, the RBC value is a comparison between the amount of capital and the risk borne, which is also a method for assessing the level of financial soundness of an insurance company.

According to the provisions of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), based on POJK No. 71/POJK.05/2016, is 120%.

The greater the RBC value, the greater the solvency level of the insurance company. This also shows that the healthier the insurance company concerned.

Don’t just look at the limit, see this too!

The annual limit is indeed a determining factor for how much coverage an insurance company can provide to customers. But don’t forget, also know the ceiling amount for each medical expense.

Try to keep the cost of surgery (surgery) as a charge (according to the bill), as well as the cost of various treatments. Multi-care costs are costs paid for all diagnostic tests, medicines and for costs incurred during hospital care, to the equipment and medical care needed.

Of course, these two costs can swell unknowingly, and if the amount is above the ceiling, then you have to pay for the rest with your own money.

Buy inpatient only

You can actually buy health insurance with a large limit, which is accompanied by outpatient care. However, the premium you pay can be expensive.

It would be better if you just took advantage of BPJS Health to cover your outpatient expenses. Or you can also use an emergency fund.

Even though the cost of outpatient care is also quite expensive, know that the cost of inpatient care can certainly be many times that of outpatient care. Therefore, prioritize hospitalization first.

Consider buying without an investment

If your funds are limited, then consider buying pure health insurance without investment. Insurance premiums that are equipped with investments will certainly be more expensive than pure ones.

Insurance premiums with investments are often called stable, and do not increase over a long period. However, the amount is certainly expensive in the short term.

Remembering insurance is “protection” and never a savings or investment. Buy what fits your budget.

Try to calculate the maximum premium every month that you pay, no more than 15% of your monthly income.

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