Residents Wholesale Groceries at Transmart Full Day Sale: Save Pockets


Chicken meat so that staple foods become one of the targets of residents in the framework of the Transmart Full Day Sale promo, Saturday (20/5).

Indah, one of the residents, said that she deliberately came to the Cempaka Putih Transmart, Central Jakarta, to buy chicken meat. Because, he said, the promo was quite tempting.

“I want to buy chicken here, because the promo is pretty good, so I can save my pocket,” Indah told

The cooling racks used to display various types of meat were almost sold out because of the rush of buyers.

One of the Cempaka Putih Transmart staff, Agus, also conveyed that chicken, beef, and basic food items were the target of buyers in today’s promo.

“Today what is being targeted is meat, yes, as well as buying a lot of groceries,” he said.

Visitors themselves can use the facilities of Allo Bank, Bank Mega and Bank Mega Syariah in this Transmart Full Day Sale program.

Specifically for Allo Bank, this is through AlloPayLater payments, and other Bank Mega credit cards, or Bank Mega Syariah.

AlloPayLater is also very easy, download Allo Bank on the App Store or Google Play Store. Then, create an account and upgrade to Allo Prime to enable AlloPayLater.

Visitors can also get an additional 20 percent discount if they make payments using Allo Prime and a Bank Mega credit card.


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