Reasons for the Prima Party Cannot Participate in the 2024 Election


Effort Prime Party to become a participant in the 2024 election has been in the public spotlight. Delay issue 2024 election also emerged from one of the decisions of the Central Jakarta District Court (PN) some time ago.

After various efforts were made, the Prima Party returned to the factual verification stage carried out by the General Elections Commission (KPU).

Nevertheless, the Prima Party was again declared as Not Qualifying (TMS) to take part in the 2024 Election. The KPU stated that the Prima Party did not meet the party membership requirements.

“Recapitulation of Membership Verification Results of Multiple Potential Analysis Results and Potential Not Qualifying Members of Political Parties Results of Improvement of the Adil Makmur People’s Party did not fulfill the number of membership requirements and was declared ineligible,” citing the KPU’s decision, quoted Second.

The results of the verification carried out by the KPU on the membership of the Prima Party have been published since last Sunday (16/4).

Initially, the Prima Party participated in the verification stage with other parties. At that time, the Prima Party was declared ineligible by the KPU.

The Prima Party then sued the Bawaslu. As a result, Bawaslu ordered the KPU to give another chance to the Prima Party.

But the KPU did not pay attention. This prompted the Prima Party to file a lawsuit at the Central Jakarta District Court.

The Central Jakarta District Court granted the Prima Party’s lawsuit. Therefore, the KPU was ordered to stop the ongoing election stages. This decision could have implications for postponing the elections which had been scheduled for 2024.

The KPU then submitted an appeal to the Jakarta High Court. The KPU’s appeal was granted, so the Central Jakarta District Court’s decision was cancelled. Election stages also resumed.

However, the Prima Party must still be given another chance to be verified. After that, the KPU again stated that the Prima Party did not meet the requirements to participate in the 2024 election.

In response to the KPU’s decision, the Prima Party said it would appeal to the Supreme Court (MA) against the Jakarta High Court’s appeal decision.

This was conveyed by the general chairman of the Prima Party, Agus Jabo. He felt cheated by the KPU in the verification process.

“We will make an appeal and are considering a report to DKPP,” said Jabo at a press conference at the DPP Prima Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/4).

Jabo explained that the Prima Party would file an appeal for postponing the election after Idul Fitri. It will act after government offices are back active.

“We will immediately carry out movements to carry out steps for this, both cassation, reports to DKPP, and to other institutions,” he explained.


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