Realization of the Government’s Rice Social Assistance Reaches 71 Percent Until Eid


The government distributes social assistance (social assistance) food in the form of rice as much as 151,925 tons until Eid 2023. This realization reached 71 percent of the total distribution of the first phase, which was 213,530 tons.

Head of the National Food Agency (Bapanas) Arief Prasetyo Adi said the rice social assistance was distributed by the government through an assignment to Perum Bulog. Now, there are still 61,605 tonnes of other rice social assistance waiting to be distributed to Beneficiary Families (KPM)

“After this Eid, we will continue to increase the distribution so that the distribution to a total of 21.3 million Beneficiary Families (KPM) will be completed soon, so that the second and third stages will be immediately followed,” Arief said through an official statement, Tuesday (25/4).

Bapanas will also intensify the distribution of egg and chicken meat social assistance to reduce stunting rates. The government determines that this social assistance will be received by 1.4 million Stunting Risk Families (KRS).

As of Eid 2023, Bapanas has distributed social assistance for eggs and chicken meat to 78,416 KRS spread across the provinces of Banten, West Java, Central Java and East Java. Arief emphasized that he would boost the distribution of this egg and meat social assistance.

Unlike the rice social assistance, he said the egg and chicken meat social assistance was assigned to BUMN Food alias ID FOOD. Each family will receive social assistance containing 10 chicken eggs and 1 chicken carcass measuring 0.9 kg-1.1 kg.

“After Idul Fitri, the distribution of aid continues to be carried out to 1.4 million KRS in 7 provinces, namely Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, East Nusa Tenggara, West Sulawesi and North Sumatra. The distribution of aid will be carried out for the next 3 months, ” said Arief.

In addition, Arief alluded to a number of steps that Badanas will take to maintain food price stability after Eid 2023. He emphasized that this step was a direct order from President Joko Widodo who wants food supply and prices to be stable and balanced at the level of farmers, traders and the community.

FirstBapanas will continue the Cheap Market Movement (GPM). SecondArief asked Bulog to continue distributing rice to stabilize food supply and prices (SPHP) to modern and traditional retailers, and to encourage Bulog to increase absorption of grain or rice from domestic crops.

Third,Bapanas ready to ensure the safety of food consumed by the public. Later, testing samples of fresh food in traditional and modern markets will be intensified after Eid 2023.

“We are increasing the implementation of fresh food safety checks through the central and regional Food Safety Competent Authorities (OKKP), in collaboration with local governments, BUMDs, and trade associations,” he said.

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