Put Money in a Safe Like Ari Wibowo, Are You Sure It’s Safe?

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Ari Wibowo finally opened his voice about family maintenance, which is said to be only provided by credit card. Reportedly, he has provided a safe filled with cash that Inge Anugrah can access for personal and household matters.

In addition to a safe containing money, the credit card that Ari provided also has various limits and not just one. There is a limit of Rp. 10 million, Rp. 16 million, up to Rp. 24 million.

“During his marriage, Mas Ari always kept cash in the safe at home. Mrs. Inge and Mas Ari could access it,” said Ari Wibowo’s lawyer, Riki Saragih in the Senopati area, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, (20/4) as quoted second.

Putting money in the safe for household needs is of course fine, but first know a few things below.

Advantages of keeping cash in the safe

The security of funds in the safe is guaranteed because the safe is made of steel which is very sturdy and fire resistant. Not only funds can be stored there, jewelery or important papers can also be stored there.

Safes will also be difficult for people to steal because of the material that makes these items very heavy. Therefore, you could say that the risk of losing money in the safe is very small.

Currently, not a few safes are sold with digital features and double security.

Lack of safes

Even though it is considered very small, there will still be a risk of loss when you save money in the safe. When the house is robbed or burglarized, the perpetrator may bring in a plot to transport your safe filled with money and so on.

Furthermore, the lack of saving money in a safe is actually caused by the sophistication and security of the safe itself, this can become a new problem for the owner if he is careless about the safe code so he forgets how to change the battery.

When the safe is rarely accessed, there will be a potential where the owner forgets the code and existing security features.

As a result, the owner cannot access the assets that should be taken from the safe.

Therefore, before you buy, make sure that the safe makes sure you keep the user manual properly so that this risk can be mitigated.

The only way to keep cash safe is in a house, not a safe

Talking about security, especially when it comes to the risk of being robbed or stolen, safes aren’t the only solution you can apply. A safe will only delay robbers or thieves from taking your valuables at home.

The thing that can protect it all is all-risk property insurance.

Property insurance can be a financial protection solution for the house and its contents in the event of a risk or disaster. In Indonesia, there are two property insurances that are commonly marketed, namely fire insurance and property insurance all-risk.

If fire insurance only focuses on protecting property when there is a risk of fire, property all-risk of course not only limited to fire, but other risks such as theft, robbery, and flooding.

The way property insurance works is basically the same as other general insurance.

You will pay the money in the form of periodic premiums or contributions to the insurance company according to a written agreement.

When a risk/disaster occurs, the insurer will immediately conduct a survey to see the level of loss experienced by the customer.

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