PT KPI RU Dumai Realizes Social Impact Compensation for Residents


PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (PT KPI) Refinery Unit (RU) Dumai realized social impact compensation due to operational disruptions to local residents on Monday (17/4) at Makodim Hall 0302 Dumai, Riau Islands.

Previously, PT KPI had completed the verification and appraisal process which was carried out by the Public Appraisal Service Office (KJPP) appointed to act independently, accompanied by a joint forum from PT KPI RU Dumai, Kodim 0320, Dumai Police, Kejari, Camat, Lurah , LPMK and community leaders.

Area Manager Communication, Relations & CSR RU Dumai, Agustiawan, said that the compensation value for repairs to the affected residents’ houses had been adjusted to the results of the verification and appraisal.

“The amount of this compensation has also been jointly approved by the Dumai Mayor, Dumai Police, Kodim 0320, Kejari, sub-district head, village head, LPMK, and community leaders who attended the meeting last Friday (14/04),” said Agustiawan.

PT KPI RU Dumai’s commitment to realizing compensation according to the agreed time also received appreciation, including from the Assistant II for the Economy and Development of the Dumai City Secretariat, Syahrinaldi, and a member of the DPR RI Commission VI, Jon Erizal, who was also present at the compensation handover ceremony.

“PT KPI RU Dumai must be close to the community so that the community is friendly with PT KPI RU Dumai. We must support each other so that this recovery effort can be completed immediately,” said Jon Erizal.

In the same vein, the residents also expressed their gratitude for PT KPI RU’s swiftness in providing solutions. Apart from quickly collecting data on affected residents, PT KPI RU is also considered to be responsible for realizing compensation.

“The social assistance and compensation given to us is very helpful in the cost of repairing damaged parts of the house,” said Candra as a representative for RT 03 Tanjung Palas Village, East Dumai.

Social impact compensation is provided in the form of a BRI Bank account, where the funds will then be transferred to that account. This activity is scheduled to run on 17 and 18 April 2023.


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