Prime, Singapore Imports Live Chicken from RI to Maintain Supply


Singapore import chicken live from Indonesia, for the first time, in order to maintain domestic supply and has arrived on Saturday (13/5) yesterday.

The Food Agency of Singapore (Singapore Food Agency/SFA) said it had collaborated with the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS), Indonesian authorities, and industry players to bring in the live chickens.

“SFA and AVS work closely with industry to monitor and improve logistics processes at various points of the supply chain to ensure food safety and animal health,” said SFA as quoted by CNA, Sunday (14/5).

Understandably, Singapore itself only allows the import of live chicken and other livestock products from sources accredited by SFA and AVS. Previously, the country only imported live chickens from Malaysia.

SFA said live chickens from Indonesian farms had been tested and free of bird flu.

“We ensure that the source has the necessary systems, processes and capabilities to supply chicken free of high pathogenicity avian influenza disease that meets food safety and animal health standards and requirements,” the SFA said.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s Senior State Minister for Sustainability and Environment Koh Poh Koon said the import of live chickens from Indonesia gave consumers more choices.

Moreover, currently Singapore is also trying to maintain food supply in order to avoid supply chain disruptions.

“With the approval of these new farms, Singaporean consumers and businesses will have more choices for chickens, further strengthening the resilience of our chicken supply,” said Koh Poh Koon.

Previously, Indonesia could only export frozen chicken meat to Singapore. Apart from Indonesia, more than 20 accredited countries have been approved to export frozen chicken to Singapore, including Brazil, Thailand and Australia.

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