Prepare Children’s Tuition Fees Using Gold, Are You Sure There’s No Loss?

Jakarta, Armfalcon.comAntam’s gold price on May 16 2023 was perched at IDR 1,087,000, and if calculated on an average over 10 years, the increase in gold prices per year reaches 7.3% per year.

With so many issues related to many issues surrounding economic uncertainty, is it right to use precious metals to save children’s education funds?

Of course, choosing gold as an investment instrument is possible, but be aware of the following things before you decide to buy gold.

For high school and college fees?

It would be better for you to choose gold to invest in higher education, say at the high school or college level.

Say, now your child is five years old, you can start investing in gold right now to collect his tuition fees in college 11 or 12 years to come.

Use regular saving methods in long-term gold investments. You can make regular purchases per week, per month, or by buying in bulk when the price drops dramatically.

Don’t buy for the short term

Using gold for short purposes, let’s say profit saving to collect high school entrance fees when our children are in junior high school is not a good idea to do.

High spikes in gold prices are generally more due to economic uncertainty.

Not to mention, there is a fairly high spread or difference in buying and selling prices. It could be that the market price of gold is already higher than the average buying price for your gold, but you still lose when you sell it because the difference between the buying and selling prices is high.

Look for other instruments for gold diversification

Don’t just depend on gold to collect children’s education costs. Diversify with other instruments.

For example, for tuition fees (long term) use gold, stock mutual funds, or direct stocks.

Meanwhile, for the short term, use money market mutual funds, fixed income, or government bonds.

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