PIS Collaborates with the Indonesian Navy to Maintain Ship Operational Cargo Security

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com

PT Pertamina Internasional Shipping (PIS) is collaborating with the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) to improve ship safety and operations, especially during the 2023 Ramadan period.

PIS Corporate Secretary, Muh. Aryomekka Firdaus, said that this collaboration was a continuation of the work guidelines (damker) between PIS and the Indonesian Navy (AL).

“PIS through the HSSE function has organized technical training for TNI AL personnel who will serve on SH IML vessels in Indonesian waters,” said Aryomekka on Tuesday (18/4).

Previously, a debriefing which was attended by 30 TNI AL personnel was held at Mako Lantamal III on Friday (14/4). Later on board the ship, the Indonesian Navy personnel, among other things, are tasked with carrying out security measures to prevent illegal acts such as ship to ship transfers, tampering with seals, turning off and/or closing CCTV cameras, as well as passing line.

In addition, it also anticipates piracy and prevents unauthorized persons from boarding the ship, as well as providing security against threats and other disturbances from irresponsible parties.

According to Aryomekka, every month the Indonesian Navy and PIS will jointly evaluate the implementation of security, supervision and escort activities on board.

“TNI personnel will be stationed on the PIS ship starting today, they will also become HSSE agents on board by being actively involved and caring in the implementation of HSSE procedures to support security and safety aspects on board,” said Aryomekka.


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