Pertamina Monitors Refinery in Dumai, Ensures Local Residents Are Not Affected


Pertamina Refinery Unit (RU) II Public Relations Manager Dumai Agustiawan stated Pertamina continue to monitor to ensure that the community around the refinery is not affected by incidents of explosions and fires at the refinery.

“Currently the team continues to focus on ensuring safe conditions. The Dumai Refinery Pertamina also continues to monitor to ensure that the community around the refinery is not affected by this incident,” Agustiawan said, quoting BetweenSunday (2/4).

Agustiawan said the Emergency Situation Team had succeeded in overcoming the incident at the gas compressor area of ​​the Dumai Refinery on Saturday (1/4) evening. The fire was brought under control around 22.54 WIB.

There was a loud bang accompanied by a strong vibration thought to have come from the Pertamina RU II Dumai Seven Princess Oil Refinery, Riau Province, which occurred on Saturday night which resulted in a fire.

Currently, refinery operations in the affected units have been temporarily suspended to ensure safety at the site. While other units continue to operate normally.

The cause of the incident is still unknown. There are 5 people affected in the operator’s room and are currently being taken to the Pertamina Dumai Hospital to receive the best treatment. The condition of the affected workers is currently stable.

Previously, Pertamina RU II Public Relations Manager Dumai Agustiawan confirmed that the point of the explosion and fire that occurred on Saturday (1/4) night had been controlled and the fire had been extinguished so that people were expected not to panic and remain calm.

Pertamina’s management together with the local government and officials have stepped down to calm residents and will collect data.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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