Pertamina Dumai Refinery Victims Explode to 9 People


Victims of an explosion at an oil refinery owned by PT Pertamina (Persero) in Dumai, Riau, increased to nine people. The victim was a worker in the operator’s room who was hit by broken glass.

Area Manager Communication, Relations & CSR PT Pertamina Internasional Refinery Unit (RU) Dumai Agustiawan said that all the victims had returned to their homes after receiving treatment at the Pertamina Dumai Hospital.

As a result of this incident, several residents’ houses and houses of worship, especially those close to the refinery, also suffered minor damage. PT KPI RU Dumai is said to be immediately tackling the damage.

“PT KPI RU Dumai apologizes for this incident and we will be responsible for any losses that occur in the community,” Agustiawan said in an official statement, Sunday (2/4).

Agustiawan explained that currently PT KPI RU Dumai is forming a Recovery Team which involves the local government, law enforcement, and community representatives to accelerate recovery steps, including data collection on losses in the community.

In addition, PT KPI RU Dumai has also prepared a medical team to carry out health checks for the surrounding community.

While the process of investigating the cause of the incident is still in the process of investigation.

“We also ensure that the national fuel stocks, especially the Northern Sumatra region, are safe. Hopefully the recovery process can run well so that the refinery’s operational conditions can run optimally in the next few days,” said Agustiawan.

The explosion that triggered the strong vibration occurred on Saturday at around 22.40 WIB. Neighbors said they felt a strong vibration when the sound of an explosion was heard.

One of the residents at the location, Rahmat, said he felt two strong vibrations during the explosion. Residents ran out of the house.

“Residents’ houses were damaged, which is a radius near the refinery. There is also a mosque around a 3-kilometer radius,” said Rahmat.

A number of videos circulating also show residents’ houses shaking due to the explosion at the refinery. The ceiling of the mosque was also seen collapsing because of the strong explosion.

“The factory exploded,” said the video recorder.


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