Pelindo Encourages MSMEs to Go Global Through the SME’s HUB Exhibition at the 2023 ASEAN Summit

Three Pelindo-assisted MSMEs attended the international scene through the SMEs HUB which is a Series of Side Events for the 2023 ASEAN Summit which was held from 9 to 13 May 2023 at the Labuan Bajo Waterfront Marina, welcoming the presence of delegations from ASEAN countries as well as the general public., LABUAN BAJO — As many as three MSMEs assisted by Pelindo have attended the international scene through SME’s HUB which is a Series of Side Events for the 2023 ASEAN Summit which will be held from 9 to 13 May 2023 at the Marina Waterfront Labuan Bajo, welcoming the presence of delegates from ASEAN countries as well as the general public .

In this event, there were 50 MSME actors involved which had previously gone through a very strict curation process. Ten of them are local MSMEs and the other 40 are MSMEs assisted by Rumah BUMN and other ministries. This MSME booth offers a variety of local products ranging from typical food and drinks, woven fabrics, ethnic handicrafts, and a number of other products.

Pelindo had the opportunity to fill in the Food and Beverage field at this event by bringing in fostered partners namely; Baline Chocholate which presents organic processed chocolate products from Bali, Bugar Herbal presents herbal drinks, essential oils and balms, as well as Agradaya Indonesian Herbs and Artisan Spices.

“We include the best MSME companies that have gone through internal selection and have participated in MSME development programs organized by companies such as Gedor Exports so that MSMEs are ready to appear in national and international events like this,” said Pelindo Corporate Secretariat GH, Ali Mulyono.

Previously, SOE Minister Erick Thohir concentrated on efforts to improve the economic sector, one of which was providing financing for MSMEs in the Labuan Bajo tourist area. Erick assessed that the presence of ‘New Bali’ was absolutely necessary considering the growth of Indonesia’s tourism sector has become a promising source.

“MSMEs are the spearhead of the foundation of the Indonesian economy. Therefore the Ministry of SOEs and ministries, as well as other institutions work together to focus on coaching, markets and financing,” said Erick.

Seeing the high enthusiasm of visitors, Erick Thohir is sure that SME’s HUB 2023 can help MSMEs to increase their competitiveness while opening access to global markets so that they can encourage MSMEs in Indonesia to go global.


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