Pegadaian’s Gold Price Has Dropped Again, Is It Time to Buy?

Jakarta, – The price of gold bars at PT Pegadaian has been observed to have fallen by more than 1% during the long holiday of Idul Fitri 1444 H or Eid 2023.

Even though it is a holiday, gold trading at Pegadaian is still open, although the movement has not changed much.

Monitored for a week, especially during the trading period April 17-23 2023, the price of one gram of gold for each type of gold traded at Pawnshops has fallen by more than 1%. The worst was Antam’s gold which fell 1.26%.

The following is the movement of Antam’s gold price at Pegadaian in the period 17-23 April 2023.

From the chart above, it can be seen on the daily basis for the period April 17-23 2023, the movement of Antam’s gold standard tends to be more stable, although the most severe subsidence was observed. Meanwhile, Retro and UBS types tend to be volatile.

Pegadaian itself sells various types of gold, namely Antam gold, Antam Retro, Antam Batik, and UBS. The amount available in the three types of gold also varies, some are available from 0.5 gram to 1,000 gram in size/unit and some are only available from 0.5 gram to 8 gram.

Antam Retro Gold is old packaged gold where the gold coins and the certificate are separate. Antam Retro Gold was last produced in 2018, and is available from 0.5 grams to 100 grams.

Pegadaian also offers Antam Batik gold, which is the most expensive type of Antam gold. However, in the last few days, the price has failed to be displayed on the Pegadaian’s official website.

Finally, the UBS gold price issued by PT Untung Bersama. This type of gold is available in full, ranging in size from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams.

Eid al-Fitr 1444 H or Eid 2023 is indeed an unfriendly time for gold, because many people tend to release it or sell it for Hari Raya needs. In fact, many people also pawn gold.

Getting money by pawning goods is the easiest alternative. The customer only needs to bring pawned items such as laptops, cameras, cellphone or cell phone (mobile phone), motorbike BPKB (Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership) and personal data in the form of a KTP. This item must be owned by yourself.

Of all the items that can be pawned, precious metals are the most. This was disclosed by the Vice President of Corporate Communication of PT Pegadaian (Persero) Basuki Tri Andayani.

“In general, the majority of items pawned are in the form of gold, either jewelery or gold bullion,” Basuki said when contacted Armfalcon.comThursday (20/4/2023).

This is not only happening in Indonesia, but in other countries, maybe even around the world.

In the United States (US), for example, according to EZPAWN, a pawnshop which has 500 outlets and was founded in 1974, jewelry is said to be the most pawned item, especially those made of precious metals such as gold and platinum.

In addition, jewelry is also usually equipped with diamonds and gemstones, which are also included in the most pawned items.

Precious metals have been recognized as a store of value assets since ancient times, so they are the easiest to “liquid”. Moreover, the shape does not have to be intact or perfect, even if it is noted, the value will not be much different because what is seen is the level of the precious metal and its weight. It’s different with watches, for example, or electronic equipment.

In addition, the value of jewelry and precious metals will be higher and more stable than other items.


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