Pandeglang Residents Shout Rare and Expensive 3 Kg LPG


District Residents PandeglangBanten, complained LPG 3 kgs rare in recent days. Gas melons which are used for daily cooking or selling, are now difficult for the public to get.

Even if the stock is available, the price soars up to IDR 30,000 per tube.

“About four days before Lebaran it was difficult to find (3 kg LPG gas), until now it is still difficult,” said Usep, a resident of Banjarnegara Village, Pulosari District, Wednesday (3/5).

He admitted that he could not find the melon gas, so he had to look for it in other districts. However, even though he has toured neighboring districts, Usep often returns empty-handed.

“In Pulosari sub-district, it’s certain there won’t be any. I’ve looked for it sometimes to Menes sub-district, Saketi sub-district, and that’s also not certain to get it. Even if there is, the price is Rp. 28,000 to Rp. 30,000, whereas usually it’s Rp. 20,000,” he said.

Retailers were forced to stop selling because they did not get supplies. This was experienced by Ade, the owner of a grocery shop in Menes Village, Menes District.

Ade had asked about the stock of 3 kg LPG gas from the agent, but according to the agent, the subsidized gas supply was indeed difficult to obtain.

“There’s no goods, it’s been two days (no sales). It’s bad to sell, I just want to cook there’s no gas. I asked (the agent), he said it was rare from there, I don’t know where it is,” said Ade.

Before Eid 2023, he still gets a supply of melon gas even though it is limited to only 10 cylinders. Now, the agent admits that the stock is empty. Even if it is available, Ade has to pay IDR 26,000 per tube.

“We sell it at Rp. 30,000, if there is one. Now, the goods don’t exist,” he explained.

The Banten Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs Association (Hiswana Migas) denied that currently 3 kg LPG gas is scarce. This is because Pertamina has sent melon gas according to the needs of the community, so it cannot be rare.

Head of Elpiji Hiswana Migas Banten Fakhrul suspects the shortages occurred due to delays in shipments before and after the 2023 Lebaran homecoming.

“I have coordinated with Pertamina, the info supply (supply) normal, only late supply only because of traffic jams, but still channeled. Currently, the traffic lane is normal,” said Fakhrul.

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