Open Gold Bar Packaging, Beware You Can Lose!

Jakarta, – Gold bars, be it Antam Gold, UBS, Lotus Archi, Galeri24 and other brands, of course come in a package accompanied by a certificate. Actually the packaging is designed in such a way so that we don’t open it, but what happens if we open it instead?

Packaging is just packaging and it is the valuables in the packaging that are of high value because they are precious metals. However, there are several reasons why the packaging of a gold bar should not be opened. Here’s an explanation.

The value of gold can decrease when it is sold

We certainly know that even though the gold in the packaging is pure gold, the buying price of gold bullion for each manufacturer is different, and so is the price. buyback-his.

When a gold bar has been removed from the packaging and wants to be sold again, the gold dealer only values ​​the gold you sell in pieces.

Another case when you have gold that is still covered by the original packaging. Any trader who wants to do buyback definitely have a price quote according to the gold brand you are selling.

The authenticity of gold may not be guaranteed anymore

Every company that produces gold bars, of course, tries hard to create packaging that is difficult to separate from the gold bars. Of course, they learned from retro gold, the packaging of which can be easily opened.

Gold bars with packaging like retro gold are certainly very easy to counterfeit by irresponsible people.

Therefore, when you unpack your gold, the guarantee of the authenticity of your gold may be doubted when you want to resell it.

Questions will arise about why the packaging was dismantled, and so on.

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