OJK: Stock Market Strengthens with Foreign Funds Entering IDR 12.29 Trillion

Armfalcon.com, JAKARTA — The Financial Services Authority (OJK) reported that the stock market in April 2023 strengthened by 1.62 percent month to date (mtd) to a level of 6,915.72, with incoming foreign funds of IDR 12.29 trillion (mtd) compared to March 2023 of IDR 4.12 trillion (mtd).

“On a year-to-date (ytd) basis, the JCI was recorded to have strengthened by 0.95 percent with non-residents posting a net buy of IDR 18.91 trillion, of which in March 2023 the net buy was IDR 6.62 trillion ytd,” said OJK Capital Market Executive Chief Inarno Djajadi in a virtual monthly press conference in Jakarta, Friday (5/5/2023).

On the bond market, the Indonesia Composite Bond Index (ICBI) strengthened 1.02 percent (mtd) and 3.49 percent (ytd) to a level of 356.80 in April 2023, where in March 2023 it strengthened 0.96 percent (mtd) and 2. .44 percent (ytd). For the corporate bond market, outflows of foreign investors (non-residents) were recorded at IDR 173.3 billion mtd or IDR 388.3 billion ytd.

On the Government Securities (SBN) market, inflows of foreign investors were recorded at IDR 4.16 trillion (mtd) compared to March 2023 of IDR 14.21 trillion (mtd), thereby driving down the average SBN yield of 7.8 basis points (bps) (mtd) for all tenors.

kindly year to date, yields on SBN fell by an average of 22.8 bps across all tenors with foreign investors recording a net buy of IDR 60.5 trillion. In the mutual fund industry, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of mutual funds was recorded at IDR 497 trillion, down 0.76 percent (mtd) with mutual fund investors posting net redemptions of IDR 4.49 trillion (mtd).

On a year-to-date basis, the NAV of mutual funds decreased by 1.56 percent and net redemption was still recorded at IDR 9.3 trillion. Fundraising on the capital market in April 2023 was still maintained at a high level of IDR 84 trillion, with 33 new issuers recorded.

As for the pipeline, there are still 115 Public Offering plans with a value of IDR 135.31 trillion with IPO plans by 63 new issuers. As for fundraising for Securities Crowdfunding (SCF), which is an alternative funding for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), until 28 April 2023 there were 16 organizers that had obtained permits from the OJK with 383 issuers, 147,142 investors, and a total of funds raised collected IDR 828.58 billion.

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source: ekonomi.republika.co.id

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