OJK Reveals Development of LJK Handling under Special Attention

Armfalcon.com, JAKARTA — The Financial Services Authority (OJK) conveyed the progress of handling financial service institutions (LJK) under special attention in the 2014-2023 period. Head of the OJK Literacy, Financial Inclusion and Communication Department, Aman Santosa, said, in carrying out the investigative function until April 2023, OJK investigators had resolved a total of 101 cases consisting of 79 banking cases, five capital market cases and 17 IKNB cases.

“Furthermore, the number of cases that have been decided by the court is 89 cases, of which 71 cases have permanent legal force or in krachttwo cases are still in the process of appeal, and 16 cases are still in the cassation stage,” said Aman in a written statement in Jakarta, Saturday (6/5/2023).

With these steps to strengthen and enforce the law, said Aman, OJK is optimistic that financial system stability can be maintained. Aman conveyed that one of the focuses is anticipating an increase in external risks and further encouraging national economic growth.

“OJK always closely monitors global and domestic dynamics that could potentially disrupt the stability of the national financial services sector,” said Aman.

OJK, continued Aman, also continues to increase synergy with the Financial System Stability Committee (KSSK) to anticipate the impact of macroeconomic risks and take the necessary policy steps to maintain the resilience of the financial services sector.

“The goal is to be a catalyst for national economic growth amid conditions of uncertainty,” said Aman.

source: ekonomi.republika.co.id

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