OJK Highlights Rising Loan Promo Ahead of Coldplay Concert Ticket Sales

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com

Financial Services Authority (OJK) highlighting online loan services (borrow) which offers many promos to the public ahead of concert ticket sales Coldplay in Jakarta last week.

Chief Executive of OJK Financial Services, Education and Consumer Protection Business Conduct Supervisor Friderica Widyasari Dewi said the promo was offered by both legal and illegal loan sharks. However, he emphasized that the OJK did not recommend that people go to concerts using borrowed money.

“We see a lot of them (loans) advertising promos so they can get loans to buy tickets,” he said at the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Monday (22/5), quoted from detikcom.

Kiki, as she is affectionately known, advises people to use their savings instead of being desperate to take out a loan from a borrower. According to him, loans for consumption purposes are not good.

To quote Between, Kiki also emphasized that the OJK continues to monitor loan advertisements and will take action on advertisements that do not comply with the provisions. The sanctions given varied, including asking for the ad to be stopped.

“For example, loan advertisements that give discounts but the discount period is not clear for how long, terms and conditions are not available when clicked. We first call them to fix the advertisement, but if they have been called repeatedly, they are still like that, we will give them sanctions,” he explained .

Kiki said that the OJK had stopped around 400 loan advertisements that had the potential to harm the public throughout 2022.

Apart from that, PK Entertainment as the promoter stated that Coldplay concert tickets in Jakarta were official sold out last May 19. The grand concert of the British band is planned to be held on November 15.

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