OJK asks people not to buy concert tickets with loan debt

if you want to buy tickets to an idol concert, you have to be prepared beforehand, for example by saving money from a few months in advance or using extra money

Jakarta (Armfalcon.com) – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) Chief Executive for Supervision of Financial Services Business Conduct, Education and Consumer Protection, Friderica Widyasari Dewi, reminded the public not to apply for financing from online loans (pinjol) for consumptive activities, including buying concert tickets.

“All of us at OJK always provide education to the younger generation so that if you want to buy tickets for an idol concert, you have to be prepared beforehand, for example by saving money from a few months earlier or using extra money,” he said after the Indonesia Sharia Financial Olympiad (ISFO) in Jakarta, Monday. .

He also said that the OJK continues to remind the public through various education so that people do not go into debt through loans to buy music concert tickets because some of the high-interest loans can be burdensome in the future.

Along with the rise of music concerts, many technology-based financial companies offer online-based loans (loans) through various advertisements.

Friderica said that the OJK continues to monitor advertisements for loan loans so that they can take action against advertisements that do not comply with the provisions.

“We have our own department that oversees market conduct including advertisements for financial service providers. If the advertisement is not appropriate, we will summon the organizer and give a warning to sanctions,” he said.

The sanctions given varied, including asking that the advertisements be stopped, as has been done by the OJK for around 400 loan advertisements that have the potential to harm the public throughout 2022.

“For example, loan advertisements that give discounts but the discount period is not clear for how long, terms and conditions are not available when clicked. We first call them to fix the ad, but if they have been called repeatedly, they are still like that, we will give them sanctions,” he said .

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Reporter: Sanya Dinda Susanti
Editor: Faisal Yunianto

source: www.antaranews.com

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