Not Pesugihan, These 3 Things Make Your THR Child Until Old

Jakarta, – Interested in using holiday allowance money (THR) for investment? It was a good decision. But what happens if you have never invested at all.

Surely the question arises in you that where should you place these funds? Are your funds ultimately only anchored to deposits with very low yields? Maybe that’s not what you want.

Investment is an activity of buying assets with the hope that the price of the purchased assets will increase in the future or generate income. With this advantage, you can realize your dreams or goals.

Investment must certainly be distinguished from the time period, risk profile, goals. It is wise for beginners to do is to choose investment instruments that you recognize first, and which are low risk.

And actually, there are three investment instruments that are fairly easy to try, right for the entire investment period and have a fairly low risk. Curious? Here’s the review.


Gold is an investment instrument that is relatively simple and has always been popular until now. In the last five years, the profit you can get from investing in gold can reach a CAGR of 7.1% per year.

Apart from gold bars, now there is digital gold that you can buy online. The buying process is also very easy, because this is similar to shopping in e-commerce in general.

However, be careful with fake gold platforms. Choose a platform that does have a permit from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti).

State bonds

If you want a passive income that is routinely received every year in a larger amount than deposits, then bonds or debentures are the solution. Based on the issuer, bonds are divided into two, namely those issued by the state and private companies.

Government bonds can be called the safest investment instruments, because these instruments do not recognize the risk of default. This is because your capital and investment returns will be guaranteed by the state.

Government bonds are offered through an initial offering. If it’s past the offer period, you can actually still buy it on the secondary market through a bank, or through applications provided by banks.

Money market mutual funds

This investment instrument is the most practical and complete instrument. This is because there are many types of mutual funds that you can choose according to the level of risk and returns.

If you are a beginner investor who is still learning to recognize instruments and mitigate investment risks, money market mutual funds are the solution.

Just like gold, this instrument can be purchased periodically, either every week, month or at any time you want.

However, considering that the contents of a money market mutual fund portfolio are assets such as deposits and short-term debt securities, the returns on these investment instruments are not large. And it also goes with the risk.

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