No Need to Sell Kidneys, Here Are Tips to Buy Coldplay Tickets

Jakarta, – Good news for Coldplay fans, this British band will be performing at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Jakarta, 15 November 2023. Are you ready to buy tickets?

As is known, Coldplay ticket presale will start on May 17-18, while general sales will be on May 19, 2023.

Until this article was written, there had been no announcement regarding the official ticket price from the promoter. However, based on predictions based on Coldplay concert ticket prices in Southeast Asia in 2017 and 2018, ticket prices will range from IDR 800,000 to IDR 3.5 million.

Are you one of those who are also hunting for Coldplay concert tickets? If your financial condition is not friendly, don’t worry because there are still several ways you can do to get the ticket.

Take advantage of promotions from sponsors

Buying presale tickets is certainly one way to get tickets at a lower price than brokers.

As is known, on May 17 – 18 you can buy it directly from the sponsors of the concert and of course the ticket prices offered will be cheaper.

There are still eight to nine days to raise the money. You can try to find additional income to help raise money for Coldplay concerts.

Save until D-day

This one option is none other than buying tickets from scalpers at the concert location. If you choose this option, then you still have a long time to save, which is six months.

By setting aside Rp. 125 thousand for a week, in six months you can earn Rp. 3 million.

However, be aware that ticket prices may increase on the D-day, especially if a large number of people are interested in attending the concert.

Use an emergency fund

Want to watch Coldplay but your financial condition is not friendly, can you use your emergency fund to buy presale tickets this month?

If indeed the “unfriendly” financial condition is due to the increase in expenses this month alone, then feel free to use an emergency fund. But know, that in the next month you have to fast in fun in order to restore the amount of emergency fund savings that should be.

However, if you are in a state of loss of income, call it due to layoffs or business risks, then postpone your desire to watch Coldplay.

Use a credit card or paylater?

Can I buy tickets with a credit card or paylater? That’s okay, especially if there is a promo on that payment method, you can actually save money. But on condition, next month must be paid in full after payday.

But what happens if the reason for using a credit card and paylater is due to unfriendly financial conditions? The answer is the same as in the previous point.

If your financial condition is really not friendly because of the swelling expenses this month, it’s okay to use a credit card or paylater. But if you are losing money then put off the fun.

Avoid using the installment method in the long term, because this will actually increase your financial burden every month.

In essence, self-reward is okay as long as you don’t hurt your financial condition. However, you still have to plan for long term needs.

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