Never Regret! Prepare These 3 Things for Old Age

Jakarta, – Everyone certainly has aspirations in old age to be able to live in peace and quiet, and to be able to do what he has always wanted.

But often times, expectations of living in old age are far from reality. The post from the @Midjan_La_2 account on April 26 shows a sad incident that happened to a 51-year-old man named Toto Daryanto.

Even though he is already in his early fifth year, Toto, who is paralyzed, is abandoned by his own son.

The dream of being financially independent in old age can of course only be achieved with good financial understanding, as well as a pension fund that can meet their needs in old age without relying on their children.

Without this, an elderly person may experience this in their old age.

Keep working hard for a living

The famous investor who entered the Forbes list of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett, said that, “If you don’t know how to earn money while you are sleeping, then you will continue to work until you die.”

Without a good understanding of personal financial management, protection and investment, it is very possible for a person to work until the end of his life to meet basic needs for himself and his family.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2022, the working population of the elderly (elderly) has increased in the last decade and the percentage will reach 52.55% in 2022.

When viewed from the region, the highest percentage of working elderly is in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) with a value of 66.53%, followed by Papua with a value of 61.7% and Lampung with 58.05%.

The average working elderly have a fairly low income. According to BPS, the value is only IDR 1.62 million per month in 2022.

This amount is below the average wage for domestic workers of IDR 3.07 million per month in August 2022.

Having a critical illness

Biologically, the elderly are prone to disease because their immune systems are getting weaker over time. In addition, inflation or increases in medical costs in Indonesia are also quite high.

Data from Mercers Marsh Benefit states that the trend of increasing medical costs in Indonesia is predicted to reach 13.6% in 2023.

This shows that expenses for treatment in old age can increase very high. It is very important for you to prepare for this by having health insurance in advance.


The things that can make an elderly person become neglected can be caused by various factors, it could be due to economic factors or family factors.

According to RI Minister of Social Affairs No. 9 of 2018 concerning Basic Service Technical Standards on Minimum Service Standards in the Social Sector in Provinces and Districts/Cities, neglected elderly are one of the target recipients of the Minimum Service Standards (SPM) from the government.

Even though there is treatment from the government, if you think about it, do we want to live in limbo? We certainly crave old age with a good quality of life.

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