Must Give Compensation to the Customer


Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) request the Financial Services Authority (OJK) strongly rebuked PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BSI).

In addition, this state-owned Islamic bank must also provide compensation to customers affected by error services at ATMs and ATMs mobile banking since Monday (8/5).

“OJK should strongly reprimand BSI for its IT system which hangs for 4 days, fine on line nor offline,” said the Chief Executive of YLKI Tulus Abadi to (12/5).

Tulus said the disruption was very detrimental to consumers as corporate customers. He also demanded that OJK audit the reliability of BSI’s IT system.

According to him, the referee of the financial services industry cannot remain silent about this incident. Tulus emphasized that an audit must be carried out immediately so that the BSI service error incident for days is not repeated in the future.

“Most importantly, BSI should provide compensation to consumers for this disturbance. Because it is very detrimental to consumers, both material and immaterial losses,” he concluded.

On a separate occasion, OJK Banking Supervision Chief Executive Dian Ediana Rae said that his party had asked BSI to ensure that services to customers continued.

He also asked BSI to immediately resolve the source of service disruptions, as well as improve mitigation in facing future disruption risks.

“These matters are not only aimed at BSI which is currently experiencing problems. However, in general also at the banking industry considering the potential for service disruption is one of the challenges faced by the banking industry in the use of information technology in the digital era,” said Dian to Wednesday (10/5).

Dian said BSI management had followed up on OJK directives, including delivering notifications to customers, ensuring the security of customer funds, and restoring services at branch offices, bankingAnd delivery channels others gradually.

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