Most Cuan! These are the 60 Most Beautiful Mutual Funds of the Week

Jakarta, – Market sentiment which was influenced by a number of issues from outside and within the country such as the issue of the United States (US) debt ceiling, to the release of Indonesia’s trade balance on Monday (15/5), also colored market performance on Friday (12/5). So what is the effect of all these sentiments on the performance of mutual funds in Indonesia?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also highlighted the problem of Uncle Sam’s country’s debt which is considered to be able to cause new problems if a default occurs.

On the other hand, China’s economy has also been marked by a serious slowdown. Inflation in Panda Country is increasingly sloping and has the potential to reverse direction into deflation. Not only that, China’s imports also experienced a sharp contraction last April, and although exports increased, China’s export speed was noticeably slower.

Right on Friday (12/5), the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) closed down 0.71% to 6707.76. A total of 292 stocks fell, 234 stocks rose, while 205 others flat. Trading showed transactions reaching IDR 9.36 trillion involving 24.51 billion shares that changed hands 1.28 million times.

Market conditions marked by a number of negative sentiments certainly greatly affected the performance of stock index mutual funds. However, some have been proven to be able to carve positive performance in a week.

So how have money market, fixed income, mixed, index, and stock mutual funds been performing recently? Based on data from Edvisor, here is a list of mutual funds with the highest performance in the past week.

The performance of fixed income mutual funds is still the best

Still from the data presented by Edvisor, it can be concluded that the performance of fixed income mutual funds is still the best with a growth of 0.35% in a week. Meanwhile, the performance of stock index mutual funds actually looks minus -0.28%.

Even so, the performance of the equity fund index was still better than the weekly JCI performance which was recorded at -1.17%.

As is well known, the yields of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 year state securities (SBN) have also decreased in a week. The decrease in yield certainly indicates an increase in the price of SBN which causes the price of long tenor SBN to rise which has a positive impact on the performance of fixed income mutual funds, whose portfolio is dominated by SBN.

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