Modalku Reveals Strategy to Take Care of TKB90, JAKARTA — Modalku has a strategy in maintaining the success rate of withdrawing funds or TKB90. Some time ago the financial technology (fintech) company’s TKB90 was below 95 percent, but as of April 30 2023 it was already at the level of 95.70 percent.

Modalku Country Head Arthur Adisusanto said the company’s three strategies included billing, restructuring and insurance. Modalku, he said, collects optimally in order to avoid default on funding status.

He added, Modalku also uses outsourcing services which carry out restructuring with borrowers according to the concept of buying funds and insurance. It’s just that, he revealed, only a few products that they insure.

“For funding transactions that have defaulted on payment status, communication with beneficiaries continues to be carried out. That is by offering a restructuring process,” he explained in a Media Gathering in Jakarta, Tuesday (16/5/2023).

Meanwhile, he continued, the process of submitting claims to insurance was also carried out for several other funding transactions. It should be noted, TKB90 is a measure of a company’s level of success in facilitating settlement of funding obligations within a period of up to 90 days from maturity.

As a lender, Modalku recommends checking funding performance and TKB90 before starting to fund. Furthermore, users are advised to choose funding according to their risk profile.

Quoting from the official website Respond to Uangmu OJK, fintech P2P lending financial products have a risk, namely that the borrower experiences bad credit and even fails to pay. As a result, funds lent by lenders do not benefit.

So the OJK stated, the public needs to diversify their funding portfolio in fintech P2P lending. The public needs to recognize the profile of the borrower to be funded and remember the concept of high risk high return.

In this case, funding with high interest rates tends to have a relatively higher risk rating. This means that there is a higher risk of default. Meanwhile, funding with low interest rates has a low risk rating.

Meanwhile, investment in P2P lending provides a promise of quite high returns per year, but investing must be in accordance with the profile and risk appetite and how to manage it. So the very first step in the investment process in P2P lending is to understand the risks.


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