Ministry of Trade Accuses Indonesian Diaspora of Frequently Withdrawal Indomie Imports in Taiwan


Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Trade) reveal the cause Indomie Special Chicken containing the carcinogenic substance ethylene oxide circulating in Taiwan. One of them, instant noodles are imported by unofficial distributors such as diaspora who bring them back from Indonesia.

Director General of National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade Didi Sumedi said Indomie is usually exported by official distributors appointed by the company.

Indomie, which is imported by an official distributor for its substance content, is said to have been adjusted to Taiwanese standards so that it doesn’t experience problems.

Meanwhile, Indomie which was found to contain cancer-triggering substances was imported by unofficial distributors. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Trade does not blame the diaspora for bringing Indomie from Indonesia to Taiwan.

“The problem is that individuals import them because many of our people there import various kinds, one of which is probably Indomie,” said Didi at the Ministry of Trade’s office, Thursday (4/5).

“We have a lot of diaspora, especially in Taiwan. There are nearly 300,000 people. So we don’t blame them. They can bring in (Indomie). Sometimes they can use their hands,” he said.

Didi explained that Indomie imported by the unofficial distributor used Indonesian standards. While the standards used by each country are different.

However, Didi was reluctant to comment on whether Indomie, which uses Indonesian standards, contains harmful substances for the body. According to him, this is the realm of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

On the other hand, Didi is sure that Taiwan will not close the door on Indomie exports from Indonesia even though a cancer-triggering substance is found. Because incidents like this happen frequently.

“In my opinion, is it closed or not, because it often happens. It happens as before it was imported by individuals or agents who are not official distributors,” said Didi.

The recall of Indomie Chicken Special in Taiwan was carried out by the country’s Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) on April 25. Apart from RI products, there are also Ah Lai White Curry Noodles from Malaysia.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health asked retailers to withdraw the two products from its stores. Then, the importers of the two noodle products will be fined between 60,000 and 200 million Taiwan dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 29 million-Rp. 97 trillion.

The following day, the Malaysian Ministry of Health also withdrew Indomie Ayam Spesial products circulating in the country. They also withdrew their Ah Lai White Curry Noodles product.

“The ministry has issued orders to hold, test and release the product at all points of entry. We have also ordered companies to voluntarily withdraw the product from the market,” said Malaysian Minister of Health Muhammad Radzi Abu, quoted from The Star.

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