Minister of Finance: LMAN funding of IDR 96.7 trillion supports the 2023 Lebaran homecoming

All of this funding is to support the homecoming and return flow of Eid 2023

Jakarta ( – The Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani said there was funding from the Public Service Agency for the State Asset Management Agency (BLU LMAN) in the amount of IDR 96.7 trillion to support the 2023 Lebaran homecoming.

This funding includes the realization of funding for land acquisition for toll roads of IDR 93.7 trillion and IDR 3 trillion for railroads.

“All of this funding is to support the homecoming and return flow of Eid 2023,” Sri Mulyani wrote in her account Instagram official @smindrawati as quoted in Jakarta, Friday.

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He said going home is one of the distinctive cultures of the Indonesian nation. A survey by the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) noted that the potential for national movements in Eid 2023 is estimated to reach 45.8 percent of the population or 123.8 million people.

For this reason, the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) or #UangKita is here to support national connectivity through financing infrastructure development.

One of the supports from the state treasury for infrastructure development is manifested in funding for land acquisition by BLU LMAN.

Therefore, the Minister of Finance said that the APBN was also present to improve the economy, improve the welfare of the nation, and connect Indonesia.

“APBN #UangKita is here to connect Indonesia,” he said.

BLU LMAN funding is the duty of the government after providing state capital participation (PMN) or investment financing. This year, the BLU will receive Rp 25.4 trillion in investment financing from the 2023 state budget.

Previously, Main Director of the State Asset Management Institute (LMAN) Basuki Purwadi hoped that the investment financing could be disbursed this year to increase sufficient funds for land acquisition for the PSN (National Strategic Project).

LMAN plans to disburse the investment financing in mid-2023 in the amount of IDR 10 trillion. Then at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2023, the remaining IDR 15.4 trillion will be disbursed.

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Reporter: Agatha Olivia Victoria
Editor: Ahmad Wijaya


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