Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform’s New Rules: Honorees are Given Health-Death Guarantee


Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Abdullah Azwar Anas publish new rules; power or honorary employee in government agencies are entitled to get social Security.

This right is contained in the PAN RB Ministerial Regulation Number 6 of 2023 concerning Provision of Protection in the Form of Health Insurance Benefits, Work Accident Insurance and Death Benefits for Non-Civil Servant Employees Assigned to Government Agencies.

In the regulation signed by Azwar Anas on March 30, the provision of social security for honorary workers is provided through 3 programs, namely;

a. Health insurance
b. Accident insurance
c. Life insurance

The social security ends if the participant is terminated by the employment agreement as a Non-PNS Employee. Meanwhile, regarding membership fees, the regulation regulates that providers come from those who are calculated in the value of the procurement contract.

“The protection program for non-PNS employees as referred to in Article 2 is valid until November 28, 2023,” said the regulation as quoted, Thursday (13/4).

Azwar, in his considerations in the regulation, said that the policy was implemented to implement the provisions of Article 99 paragraph (4) of Government Regulation Number 49 of 2018 concerning
Management of Government Employees with Employment Agreements.

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