Marrying a Conglomerate’s Child Doesn’t Guarantee We’ll Get Rich, How come?

Jakarta, – The dream of marrying a rich kid like badminton player Kevin Sanjaya and Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, daughter of media tycoon Hary Tanoesoedibjo doesn’t necessarily immediately upgrade our social strata to “rich.” Why is that?

In Article 35 of the Marriage Law, it is clearly stated that property acquired during marriage becomes shared.

But what is the reason, someone will not necessarily become rich when he marries the child of a rich person? Here’s an explanation.

1. There are three types of assets in the context of marriage

Article 35 of the Marriage Law divides marital assets into three types.

The first is innate property or property that existed before the marriage took place.

For example, the wife owned a house before marriage, either from a personal purchase or from the inheritance process. Then the house becomes the property of the wife and the husband cannot interfere with the claim of the house.

The latter is shared property. This is what is actually often called gono like assets when a divorce occurs.

This property is property accumulated during the household for the business or work of the husband or wife during the marriage.

2. How do you feel if there is a prenuptial agreement?

The legal basis for the prenuptial agreement itself is Article 29 paragraph 1 UU no. 1 of 1974 about Marriage.

With this agreement, the status of assets will not be mixed, while debt will also be the responsibility of each.

Husband or wife no longer need to seek approval if one of them wants to buy expensive assets or sell them.

This is the conclusion that there is no guarantee that someone will also become rich if he marries the child of a rich person. But know that through marriage ties, a person can inherit his partner’s property when one of them dies.

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