Mandiri Sekuritas offers ST010 a sharia environmentally friendly investment

Jakarta ( – PT Mandiri Sekuritas (Mandiri Sekuritas/Company) offers sharia-based and environmentally friendly investment instruments: Retail Government Bonds (SBN) type Savings Sukuk (ST) Series ST010, for capital market investors of all risk profiles.

ST010 is a product issued and guaranteed by the government starting today, Friday (12/5) to finance projects that are environmentally friendly and managed according to sharia principles that do not contain elements of gambling (maysir), obscurity (gharar), and usury (usury). .

“By investing in ST010, investors are participating in environmental preservation and supporting national economic growth because this product was launched as a manifestation of the government’s commitment to relying on domestic financing,” said Mandiri Sekuritas Retail Director Theodora VN Manik in an official statement, Friday.

As the dominant securities company in the Indonesian capital market industry, Mandiri Sekuritas is committed to supporting the government in developing the country and growing customer investment.

Apart from environmental elements, another difference between ST010 and the previous series of savings sukuk is the presence of two tenor options (tranches), namely ST010-T2 (2 years) and ST010-T4 (4 years).

Investors will get a minimum fixed yield of ST010T2 at 6.25 percent per year, ST010T4 at 6.40 percent per year whose payments will be made every 10th starting from 10 July 2023.

The investment value of the ST010 Series Savings Sukuk is affordable, starting from IDR 1 million and multiples thereof, with a maximum purchase of IDR 5 billion for ST010-T2 and IDR 10 billion and ST0010-T4.

“For customers, ST010 is the right choice to diversify capital market investments because it is guaranteed by the government. Furthermore, this product is also an investment solution that can maintain the value of customer assets amidst high interest rates,” he said.

The ST010 Series Savings Sukuk are offered from 12 May to 7 June 2023 and can be purchased via the website.

ST010-T2 will mature on June 10, 2025 and ST010-T4 will mature on June 10, 2027.

Through the website, Mandiri Sekuritas customers can immediately start investing in Government Securities instruments and capital market investment products such as stocks, Islamic stocks, mutual funds and bonds, as well as access free training services and market results. research that can be used as a reference for investment.

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Reporter: Sanya Dinda Susanti
Editor: Biqwanto Situmorang


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