Mandiri Encourages Credit Disbursement to the MSME Sector

The realization of Bank Mandiri’s MSME loans on a bank only basis has exceeded IDR 115.97 trillion.

Rep: Retno Wulandhari/ Red: Lida Puspaningtyas

Activities at Bank Mandiri’s newly relocated BUMN House (RB) in Bogor, West Java, Thursday (9/2/2023). This relocation is expected to optimize efforts to develop the competency of MSME actors through the existence of a total of 23 Bank Mandiri RBs throughout Indonesia which accommodate more than 7,300 MSMEs, including 1,722 MSMEs in Bogor., JAKARTA — Bank Mandiri consistently encourages lending to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector. Bank Mandiri Corporate Secretary Rudi As Tataridha said this effort was in line with the Government’s commitment to expand banking support for MSME players.

Until the end of February 2023, the realization of Bank Mandiri’s MSME loans bank only has penetrated IDR 115.97 trillion. This figure increased by 10 percent from the previous year’s position of IDR 105.53 trillion.

“This growth occurred in the micro business sector with realization reaching IDR 69.68 trillion as of February 2023, growing more than 4.6 times compared to the position in February 2022,” explained Rudi in Jakarta, Thursday (13/4/2023).

Rudi said, to encourage the distribution of MSMEs, Bank Mandiri has had various strategies that have been implemented expansively in recent times. This strategy includes mapping or market segmentation of potential debtors, especially MSME players.

In addition, Bank Mandiri also conducts risk mapping by examining the business profile, business capabilities, and financial condition of prospective debtors. Bank Mandiri applies credit scoring that refers to the company’s risk appetite.

“This is done to minimize credit risk that may arise in the future,” explained Rudi.

Not only that, Bank Mandiri also held training and mentoring programs to help people’s businesses improve financial literacy. This is done so that people’s businesses can understand the importance of good financial management and can manage business finances better.

Bank Mandiri continues to improve access to financial services for people’s businesses. This is done by optimizing the existence of a network of Branches and Mandiri Agents, providing digital services, and collaborating with wholesale customers or debtors to distribute KUR to fostered partners or value chainhis.

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