Managers Justify Decline in Sales at Tanah Abang Market


Market Block A Manager Tanah Abang Jakarta Heri Supriyatna opened his voice about a number of traders who complained that their sales were declining before the end of the month Eid This year.

He did not avoid the merchant’s complaint. According to Heri, in terms of quantity the number of visitors who came ahead of Eid was indeed very crowded, but the value of their purchases was reduced compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is suspected that the decline in the value of spending was triggered by the purchasing power of the people who have not yet recovered from the pandemic, especially those in the regions.

He also suspects that people’s purchasing power has not fully recovered from the pandemic. Especially the people in the area.

“If I see this condition occurring, it is still the impact of yesterday’s pandemic, where the purchasing power of local people has dropped very significantly. So that it has affected the demand for goods from retailers in the regions,” explained Heri to, Tuesday (18/4 ).

Even so, Heri has not been able to describe in detail the amount of decline in the value of public spending at the Tanah Abang Market ahead of this year’s Eid. What is clear, consumers from abroad such as Malaysia, South Africa, and Brunei are also reduced.

Furthermore, Heri assessed that the influence of online shopping trends did not have much impact on the dynamics of transactions at the Tanah Abang Market. Moreover, most of the traders also opened stalls online.

According to him, for visitors who shop wholesale they still prefer to come directly to the market.

“Consumers prefer to come and visit in person to see, negotiate, and touch goods directly on the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shopee Indonesia claims that the sales trend in the market place is increasing ahead of Eid al-Fitr 2023. Products that are loved are clothing or fashion products.

Head of Marketing Growth at Shopee Indonesia Monica Vionna revealed that the Muslim fashion market is also increasingly in demand. It was noted that transactions in the Muslim fashion category increased more than nine times compared to normal days.

The products most sought after by Shopee users are crinkle robes, pashmina ceruty, and koko kurta clothes.

In addition, many users ordered products attached to the spirit of welcoming the holidays such as Eid envelopes, dates, and Eid hampers bags.

“We are very pleased to see the enthusiasm of users in choosing Shopee as an online shopping destination to meet various needs at every moment of Ramadan,” said Monica through an official statement.

Previously, a number of Block A traders at Tanah Abang Market, Central Jakarta, complained about declining sales ahead of this year’s Eid.

Toriq, who sells koko clothes in Block A, complained that this year’s visitors were not as busy as last year. In fact, no more crowded than during the pandemic.

“In my opinion, before Covid it was 90 percent busy, when Corona was 75, I think it was only 60 percent,” he said.

As a result, Toriq’s turnover has fallen by almost 50 percent compared to during the pandemic. He mentioned that in 2021-2022, ahead of Eid, his income could reach IDR 20 million per day. However, this year, to earn Rp. 10 million, he must try hard.

For three coins, a seller at Tanah Abang Market named Sari (40) also complained about the same thing. He admitted that the atmosphere ahead of Eid this year was not as busy as last year.

Sari assesses that the decline in sales occurred due to competition with online shopping. Therefore, he must surrender to the declining turnover.

“Sometimes at that time (2021-2022) the turnover could be Rp. 30 million to Rp. 40 million per day. Now it’s only Rp. 20 too, sometimes it gets stuck at Rp. 9 million,” said Sari, who sells Muslim women’s clothing on a daily basis.

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