Make it a habit to save before starting an investment, why?

Jakarta, – The CEO of Ternak Uang, Raymond Chin shared his success story in investing. He admitted, before starting the investment, he had a habit of saving from an early age. This is done as a step to anticipate himself to meet future needs.

“In the past, when “poor” had money, it was preventive, you had to save from the incoming income. Later, if you have more income, you can be more evaluative, so what you save can be adjusted according to your income,” explained Raymond in the Cuan Goes to Campus Class “Young Rich, Old Happy” in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

The community also has to get used to saving from an early age. That way, saving will become a lifestyle that is routinely carried out.

According to Raymond, the community can at least allocate 80% -90% of their income for savings. After that, the space for evaluation can be calculated, including for investment.

Moreover, investing nowadays is much easier and can be done with a very small nominal.

However, before starting the investment, Raymond also reminded potential investors to be able to identify the intended investment instrument and understand its risk profile.

“Now it’s very easy, investment can start from Rp. 10,000, but first study the risk profile and try to be consistent,” said Raymond.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Purbaya Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) Yudhi Sadewa also gave investment tips. Purbaya said there are four investment tips. The first is to identify your needs and abilities.

He stressed that investors need to be careful when there are offers of investment products that provide high returns, but low risk. In addition, potential investors also need to be familiar with financial service products, their benefits and risks, and identify their rights and obligations.

“So if you want to invest, you have to choose which risk you like. There is always a relationship between high risk And high returns. Low risk, low return. So if the investment sounds too good, too be trueYou have to be careful,” said Purbaya.

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