Makassar Cosmetic Boss Buys Gold Bag, Profit or Loss?

Jakarta, – Businessman from Makassar Mira Hayati suddenly went viral on social media after she uploaded a video on her TikTok account @_mirahayati when she bought a gold bag worth IDR 515 million.

As reported seconda bag with a design similar to Lady Dior, which she bought on March 24, 2023. The bag was actually made of gold weighing 531.25 grams, which is about 87%.

Mira also showed off a receipt for a gold ring weighing 40.2 grams, which costs Rp. 38.995 million.

When invited to the TRANS TV show “Morning Ambyar”, Mira revealed the reason for buying the gold bag. In the past, it turned out that Mira bought small gold and this gold buying activity was carried out every Friday while sharing.

However, on Friday 24 March 2023, Mira finally bought gold in a large size and in the form of a bag, it suddenly went viral.

Reportedly, purchasing this bag of gold weighing hundreds of grams was not Mira’s first. Mira reportedly bought a bag that looked like Hermes and was made of 800 grams of gold! The bag is not used daily, but only during certain events.

Collecting gold is a tradition, but not necessarily worthy of being called an investment

For Mira, collecting gold is a tradition of the Bugis people since the time of their ancestors. Not just bags, but in the form of other jewelry.

“So I bought this for investment value. A lot of people buy Dior bags, those brands. If I prefer to buy a Dior model gold bag. I’m more proud, they have the original, but I have the gold version,” explained the wife from the man who works in the maritime field again, as quoted, Saturday (8/4/2023).

Regarding investing in gold jewelry, this one accessory is actually more accurately called a use asset rather than an investment.

The gold bag with a design similar to Lady Dior that Mira owns is not pure gold because the grade does not reach 99%. In general, any jewelry or accessories are made with a mixture of other substances or metals such as silver, copper, zinc, palladium, and so on.

The risk of investing in gold jewelry or accessories is that the selling price will decrease in the future due to wear and tear, minor damage, and so on.

With IDR 507 million, Mira was able to get a 24-karat Antam gold bar with a purity level of 99% weighing 500 grams. The selling price of gold bars is much more stable than gold jewelry.

If you want to buy it, buy it without expecting a fantastic return on the selling price of your jewelry in the future.

If you want to invest in gold, buy gold bars or digital gold on platforms that are licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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