Maintain Regional Food Security, BPD Sumsel Babel Strengthen KUR

Jakarta, Business Director of the BPS Sumsel Babel, Antonius Prabowo Argo, revealed the commitment of the BPD Sumsel Babel to boost the regional economy through People’s Business Credit (KUR) for the MSME agricultural sector such as rice, corn to meat.

Antonius said that strengthening production in the agricultural sector was expected to maintain regional food security. This step will also have a positive impact on reducing inflation and boosting the regional economy.

What is the role of the BPD in driving the regional economy? For more, see Anneke Wijaya’s dialogue with the Business Director of BPS Sumsel Babel, Antonius Prabowo Argo and the Marketing Director of BPD DIY, Raden Agus Trimurjanto at Power Lunch,CNBCIndonesia (Tuesday, 11/04/2023)

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