Looking for Health Insurance for Children? Read This So You Don’t Get Fooled!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Learning from the case of David Ozora’s medical treatment which cost nearly Rp. 2 billion, having health insurance is of course very important in case of a disaster. But what kind of health insurance should we choose?

As is known, of David’s total medical expenses, only 80% are covered by health insurance. The rest, of course, the family has to pay for personally.

It is quite natural that the insurance company cannot cover all medical expenses, but at least the financial burden on the family can be less than they have to bear the medical expenses.

Talking about health insurance for children, you can actually buy health insurance that can protect all members of your family.

So, with only one policy, it’s not only the children who are protected but you, your partner, and your parents too.

What are the advantages of this family health insurance? Here’s the review.

More economical in premiums

Calculation of premiums to be paid in family insurance can certainly be more affordable than you buying health insurance for just one child.

With health insurance, you and your family can be more flexible in seeking treatment at the partner hospital of the related insurance company.

Complete the insurance needs of the office & BPJS

Family health insurance can certainly be a complementary insurance for office insurance as well as from BPJS Kesehatan.

If office insurance cannot cover all of your hospitalization costs, then with additional insurance, you can take advantage of the coordination of benefits (COB) feature to minimize your expenses.

Besides that, if you only depend on the insurance provided by the workplace, the protection will end when you no longer work there.

If you have individual health insurance, you can extend the policy contract until you reach retirement age.

Securing family savings

With family health insurance, family finances are safer.

You don’t need to worry that funds that have been allocated for short or long term financial goals, such as children’s education funds, pensions, and so on, will be used to pay for expensive medical expenses.

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