Long Holidays in June, Here Are Tips So You Don’t Get Boncos When Healing!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – For those of you who are not satisfied with the holidays after Eid al-Fitr, don’t be sad because next month there will be a four day holiday. Have you already determined your vacation plans?

Long holiday in June 2023, coinciding with Pancasila Day June 1 which falls on Our Day, and leave with Vesak Day on June 2 on Friday. As a result you get four days off.

If you don’t plan holiday activities in advance, it is very likely that your expenses will skyrocket in those four days because of your impulsive attitude in matters of going on vacation. Unless, you really have decided not to go anywhere in those four days.

For those of you who don’t have a plan, then know that you still have three weeks to raise money for vacation needs. Here’s how you can apply it.

Choose pocket-friendly activities

It doesn’t have to be a vacation out of town, treating a meal and taking the family for a day out to a place they want to visit is just as fun.

If your financial condition is not yet supportive, avoid overdoing this one activity. You can do budgeting at the beginning of the month by determining the maximum amount of funds that you will allocate for this activity.

If at the beginning of the month you have allocated 15% of the funds for self rewards, then you can use half of it.

Save per day

Instead of spending your money on snacks, it’s better to allocate it to save for holiday activities in the upcoming June. In order for these funds to be collected quickly, just do a saving strategy every day from now on.

Let’s just say, in one day you allocate Rp. 50 thousand for holidays. So on June 1, you could pocket Rp. 1.15 million. You can also use the money for holiday activities without having to cut the self-reward expenses that have been determined at the beginning of the month.

Avoid debt

It would be nice not to use credit card debt facilities, paylaters, and so on for long holiday activities in June. After all, debt creates passive income that is obligatory.

Instead of adding to the financial burden, it would be nice to prepare these expenses in advance.

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