Listen! This is a way of financial protection for a comfortable future

Jakarta, – Insurance is often not a top priority for society, especially in terms of future protection. In fact, we will never escape risk and need elements of protection both from the health and asset side.

Busyness to the lack of education is one of the factors that makes some people delay or are reluctant to have insurance. Insurance has the function of protecting all assets owned, including yourself and your family from future risks.

One of the protection needed is the protection of assets or wealth. Wealth protection is important to have as an anticipation or protection to keep finances stable when unwanted events occur.

Especially for those who are married, wealth protection can also prevent your family from having heavy responsibilities if something happens to you, such as illness, bankruptcy, and even death.

Basically, all levels of society really need insurance to protect their wealth.

Unfortunately, there are still many of them who think that insurance is only for the upper middle class, or even their knowledge about insurance, especially for projecting wealth, is still very minimal.

To provide further education, the country’s largest economic media,, will talk together Consumer Business Director BRI Handayani in the Squawk Box program on Friday, 14 April 2023 at 08:20 WIB.

Together with host Shinta Zahara, Handayani will discuss a lot about the importance of protecting wealth and financial planning to anticipate all risks of sustainable income for yourself and your family.

Apart from that, Handayani will also provide tips for viewers on what to consider when choosing insurance, as well as explaining the advantages of BRI’s Aurora Plus Insurance product, which has a myriad of advantages.

Interesting right? For that, don’t miss the event, only at the Squawk Box on Friday, April 14, 2023 with the theme ‘Strategies To Protect Your Wealth‘, at 08:20 WIB. Live only on TV and

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