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Jakarta, – For Muslims, investing in a lawful way is a priority in order to continue to gain profits and blessings. For this reason, now many people are starting to look for investment instruments in accordance with sharia principles, because the goal is not just worldly gain.

Actually, in Islamic teachings, investment management is based on honesty, without fraud, and is carried out voluntarily, so that investment is permitted and safe for Muslims to carry out.

One investment that is considered halal is gold investment. According to the National Sharia Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), saving gold is halal as long as the gold purchased has a form or not in the form of fictitious gold, the specifications are clear and can be handed over, both at the time of purchase and for safekeeping.

Not surprisingly, gold is increasingly popular with many people, not only because of its halal nature, but also because of its price stability or immunity to inflation and its value continues to increase, although slowly.

Even though Islamic gold investment is considered halal and has great profit potential, it is important for people who want to invest to have good literacy regarding Islamic gold investment. This is because there are significant differences between conventional and sharia gold investments that need to be understood in order to make the right investment.

The public must also understand that not all gold investments can just be lawful. Because there are also some gold investment activities that are contrary to sharia principles.

To understand more about this, find the answer in the Sharia Financial Smart Program episode 3 with the theme Sharia Gold Investment: Understanding the Potential and Risks of Investment in the Form of Gold with BSI Digital Strategy & Development Group Head Riko Wardhana as a resource person.

Riko discusses a lot about the differences between conventional and sharia gold investments, explanations of investments that conflict with sharia principles, the advantages and risks of investing in gold, and tips on long-term gold investment solutions.

In addition, Riko also discussed simple gold investments and savings through BSI’s E-Mas Savings Feature platform. Riko will explain the various advantages of E-Mas to the various unique features that this platform has, which of course will make your investment even more blessed and profitable.

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