List of New Directors and Commissioners of BSI after being Overhauled by Shareholders


Limited General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BSI) reshuffled the board of directors and commissioners on Monday (22/5). This was done after the service interruption that had occurred some time ago.

In that meeting, the shareholders honorably dismissed Achmad Syafiid from the chair of information technology director and appointed Saladin D Effendi as his replacement.

Saladin previously served as Chief Information and Security Officer at PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.

Furthermore, the company also appointed Grandhis Helmi H as director of risk management to replace Tiwul Widyastuti. Just like Saladin, Grandhis previously had a career as Group Head Commercial Risk 1 at PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.

“Then appointed and appointed Saladin D Effendi as Director of Information Technology and Grandhis Helmi H. as Director of Risk Management,” said BSI Main Director Hery Gunardi in a Press Conference on the Presentation of BSI AGMS Results for Fiscal Year 2022, as quoted by Detik.

In addition, the shareholders also appointed the former chairman of the OJK commissioner, Muliaman D Hadad, to become the main commissioner (komut) to replace Adiwarman Azwar Karim, who currently occupies the deputy main commissioner chair. Then appointed Abu Rokhmad as commissioner to replace Nizar Ali.

Hery revealed that the AGMS resulted in a commitment to strengthen digital and cultural transformation, in order to realize the vision of being the Top Ten Global Islamic Bank in 2025.

The following is the composition of the BSI Board of Commissioners as a result of Monday’s AGMS (22/5):
– Main/Independent Commissioner: Muliaman D. Hadad*
– Deputy Main Commissioner/Independent: Adiwarman Azwar Karim
– Commissioner: Suyanto
– Commissioner: Masduki Baidlowi
– Commissioner: Imam Budi Sarjito
– Commissioner: Sutanto
– Independent Commissioner: M. Arief Rosyid Hasan
– Independent Commissioner: Komaruddin Hidayat
– Independent Commissioner: Mohamad Nasir
– Commissioner: Abu Rokhmad*

BSI Board of Directors:
– Main Director: Hery Gunardi
– Deputy Main Director: Bob Tyasika Ananta
– Director of Retail Banking: Ngatari
– Director of Finance & Strategy: Ade Cahyo Nugroho
– Director of Sales & Distribution: Anton Sukarna
– Director of Compliance & Human Capital: Tribuana Tunggadewi
– Director of Wholesale Transaction Banking: Zaidan Novari
– Treasury & International Banking Director: Moh. Adib
– Director of Information Technology: Saladin D. Effendi*
– Director of Risk Management: Grandhis Helmi H.*

Sharia Supervisory Board:
• Chairman : Dr. KH. Hasanudin, M.Ag
• Member : Dr. H. Mohamad Hidayat, MBA, MH
• Member : Dr. H. Oni Sahroni, MA
• Member : Prof. Dr. KH. Didin Hafidhuddin, MS


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