List of Joint SOE Recruitment Vacancies for 2023, There are PLN to Pertamina


Joint Recruitment BUMN (RBB) 2023 officially opened this Thursday (11/5). Registration will be open until May 20, 2023.

The Indonesian BUMN Human Capital Forum (FHCI) revealed that this year it has provided more than 2,000 vacancies in various state-owned companies.

“There were more than 2,000+ job vacancies open and attended by more than 120+ BUMN Group Companies for SMA/Equivalent, D3, S1/D4, and S2 levels,” wrote FHCI BUMN in an upload on the official Instagram account @fhci.bumn.

The following are some of the vacancies provided in the 2023 RBB:

PT State Electricity Company (Persero)

– Accounting Junior Officer (D3)
– Junior Officer treasury Liquidity and Receipt (D3)
– Junior Officer Tax Management (D3)
– Junior Technician Power Generation Life Cycle Management (D3)
– Junior Officer Maintenance Management (D3)
– Junior officer Operation Management (D3)
– Junior Civil Technician (D3)
– Junior Officer Reservoir Hydrology and Sedimentation (D3)
– Officer Corporate Financing (S1)
– Health Safety and Security Officer (S1)
– Officer Environment Management (S1)
– Officer Generation Business Development (S1)
– Software Development Engineer (S1)
– Customer Solution Engineer (S1)
– Junior Engineer Software Development (D3)
– Secretarial Junior Officer (D3)
– Junior Officer Accounting and taxation (D3)
– Commercial Officer and Customer service (S1)
– Junior Officer of Corporate Planning (D3)
– Finance Officer (S1)
– IT Infrastructure Engineer (S1)
– Junior Officer Program Management Office (D3)
– Junior Officer Commerce and Customer Service (D3)
– Officer New Power generation Maintenance Management (S1)
– Officer Contract Control II (S1)
– Civil planning officer (S1)
– Technical Distribution (S1)
– Junior Officer Business Services (D3)
– Information technology Development and Business Analyst Officer (S1)
– Junior Technician Digital Power Plant (D3)
– Junior Officer Information Technology Operation (D3)

PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)

– Junior Analyst in Digital Field (S1)
– Junior Analyst in Data Analytics (S1)
– Junior Analyst in Law (S1)
– Junior Analyst in Marketing (S1)
– Junior Analyst for Auditor (S1)
– Supervisor (D3)

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

– Digital Services (S1)
– Digital Platforms and IT (S1)
– Facilities and Asset Management (S1)
– Logistics and Supply Chain Management (S1)
– Legal and Compliance (S1)
– Finance (S1)
– Human Capital (S1)

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)

– Doctor (S1)
– Psychology Assessor (S1)
– IT Developer (S1)
– Finance Administration (S1)

PT Pertamina (Persero) – PT Pertamina International Refinery – PT Pertamina Balikpapan Refinery

– Operators (D3)

PT Pertamina (Persero) – PT. Pertamina Power Indonesia

– Jr Auditor I IA Opr. and Infrastructure (S1)
– Jr Analyst I Compliance Advisory (S1)
– Jr. Analyst I Accounting (S1)
– Jr Analyst I Environmental (S1)
– Jr Legal I Counsel Operations Support (S1)
– Jr Analyst Material Management (S1)
– Jr Analyst I Procurement (S1)


– Jr Engineer I Construction (S1)
– Jr Engineer I Facilities (S1)

PT Biofarma (Persero)

– Quality Assurance Staff (S1)
– Product Management Staff (S1)
– Production Staff (S1)
– PPIC Staff (S1)
– Supply Chain Staff (S1)
– International Sales Staff (S1)
– Talent Management Staff (S2)

Bulog Public Corporation

– IT Implementation Staff (S1)
– Food Data Analyst Executive Staff (S1)
– Marketing Executive Staff (S1)
– Implementation Staff of Supply Chain and Public Services (S1)
– Technical Implementation Staff (S1)
– Product Development Executive Staff (S1)
– Upstream Operations Executive Staff (S1)
– Quality Control Implementation Staff (S1)
– Legal Implementation Staff (S1)
– Human Capital Executive Staff (S1)
– Financial Executive Staff (S1)
– Strategic Planning Implementation Staff (S1)
– General Affairs Executive Staff (S1)

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