List of Jobs Surviving and Disappearing Due to Artificial Intelligence


World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum/WEF) estimates that millions of workers will lose their livelihoods due to technological advances with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) to ChatGPT.

Based on survey results in the WEF’s latest report titled ‘Future of Jobs 2023’ quoted on Thursday (4/5), at least 83 million jobs will be lost in the next five years and impact millions of workers.

Although, technological advances also open other new business fields.

The report states that the industry that will have the greatest decline in the number of workers is the media, entertainment and sports sector by up to 32 percent in 2027. Meanwhile, the sector that will have the least impact is the accommodation, food and leisure sector, which has only decreased by 16 percent.

“Overall, our analysis shows that 69 million jobs will be created and 83 million jobs will be lost which could lead to a contraction in the global labor market,” WEF Managing Director Saadia Zahidi said in the report.

The following is a list of jobs that will grow the most and decrease the most in the next five years according to the WEF 2023 report:

Types of Jobs with the Biggest Growth

– Farm equipment operators
– Drivers of heavy trucks and buses
– Vocational education teacher
– Mechanics and engine repairmen
– Business development professionals
– Building framework architects and related trade workers
– Teacher of higher education at the University
– Electrical engineering engineer
– Structural and sheet metal workers, mold makers and welders
– Special education teacher
– Light truck drivers or delivery services
– Digital transformation specialist
– Construction laborers
– Sustainability specialist
– Digital marketing and strategy specialist

Types of Jobs that are Slowly Disappearing

– Receptionist
– Secretary
– Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll staff
– Factory assembly mechanics
– Bank tellers and related employees
– Trader
– Telemarketers
– Building guards and housekeepers (PRT)
– Business services and administrative managers
– Cashier and ticket clerk
– Registrar of recording and storage of materials
– Postal service officer
– Security
– Customer information service
– Sales from door to door
– Vendors and related workers

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