Legal Loopholes Used by Insurance Agents to Defraud Customers, Seriously?

Jakarta, – There is a lot of news circulating in the media regarding deception by insurance agents and their modus operandi, which is very detrimental to customers financially. So what steps can be taken by customers if they become one of the victims of this evil action?

One mode that is commonly discussed is that agents ask customers to transfer funds to their personal accounts in terms of paying premiums, either when they initially apply for insurance or when extending premiums.

Rinto Wardana Law Firm’s Managing Partner, Rinto Wardana, said that if customers make premium payments directly to the insurance company’s account, it will not be difficult for customers to claim their rights.

Law 40 of 2014 Concerning Insurance also provides flexibility for insurance agents for insurance premiums from customers. This is where the potential for abuse by insurance agents arises.

“We cannot guarantee that the premium funds paid to the insurance agent in question will be forwarded to the account or to the insurance company where he works. This has become a legal vacuum, where customers cannot be properly protected for paying insurance premiums,” said Rinto, in Legal Money, (13/5).

So what can be done by customers who have become victims? The customer can certainly do this.

Verify agents and companies

The first step that can be taken is to verify the agent and insurance company concerned. Find out whether the company is indeed registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), and the agent who is the perpetrator of the fraud is indeed a sales partner for their products.

In essence, this is intended to explore whether the actions of the insurance agent in question represent the insurance company they represent.

When this has been properly verified and the agent is indeed carrying out unlawful actions that are detrimental to the customer, there will be tiered accountability regarding this loss, starting from the agent concerned and the insurance company.

Gather evidence & feel free to consult

Collect evidence of conversations, chats, and so on related to fraud by the insurance agent concerned.

Such evidence will certainly support the effectiveness of customers in reporting.

Also, don’t hesitate to consult before you take action related to legal protection in the future.

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