Learning from Putra Uje, Being Financially Independent is a Mandatory!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – In his conversation with Denny Sumargo, the son of the late Ustadz Jefri Al Buchori (Uje), Mohammad Abidzar Al-ghifari revealed how his family experienced financial difficulties which eventually forced Abidzar to enter the world of entertainment in order to be financially independent.

As is known, the family’s financial problems increased when Uje died.

Starting from his grandfather who died, and his burning house. Meanwhile, his mother, Pipik Dian Irawati Popon (Umi Pipik) has to work hard to provide for the family.

Abidzar and his family lived in the house of the famous singer, Rossa, for a month because they had nothing left.

“From there (2013/2014) until early 2021, I didn’t have a house. During those eight years I moved houses 12 times and that, rented, after renting, I borrowed a house. Remember, Ocha (Rossa), once borrowed her house in Cipete,” said Abidzar at CURHAT BANG Denny Sumargo, (7/4).

Abidzar admitted that he felt uncomfortable when he was loaned a house. That’s what finally made him enter the world of entertainment in order to be financially independent, even though previously Abidzar didn’t want to be involved in this world.

Another thing that also spurred Abidzar to become financially independent was the message from his parents that said, never burden people because of us.

Get to know the phases of life in financial planning

In financial planning which is never taught in schools, every human being in this world lives in several phases starting from the dependent phase (dependence).

The dependence phase is the phase in which a person needs other people to survive. An example is children who need their parents to depend.

Not only children, many adults are still in this phase.

When someone finally succeeds in earning income, they will enter the next phase, namely singlehood.

It is in this phase that a person can be said to be financially independent because he can finance his life, although sometimes his expenses still exceed his income.

From the single phase, some will later decide to enter the married phase, then the marriage and having children phase, to the retirement phase. And there are also those who decide to be single until the retirement phase arrives.

Know that every phase of life will be filled with different financial challenges.

For example, single people who want to get married, of course, have to prepare themselves to face the costs of marriage to the increase in the cost of living in the future when they have a family.

They yearn for children, of course they have to be prepared for the costs of childbirth, children’s education, and the increase in the cost of living when there is an increase in family members.

When a person is not financially independent, it becomes even more difficult for them to respond to financial challenges in the future.

Financial independence is not limited to making a lot of money

Also know that being financially independent is not only limited to being able to make a lot of money at this time, and being able to support people who depend on us to live.

But also smart in managing finances, and can realize our dreams in the future.

Big income followed by big expenses will do nothing. Especially if expenses exceed income, you can get into debt bondage.

As a human being, you certainly have many goals that you want to achieve. You may want to have your own home, build a household, travel around the world, and enjoy a quiet and peaceful old age until the end of your life.

All these dreams can be achieved through a good and structured financial planning.

The first step to financial independence

The first step that can be taken for young people is to make a picture of the future we want.

The more goals we want to realize, the greater our demands to be able to be financially independent quickly. With this, you are expected to plan finances in detail.

Know that, any excessive short-term desires can thwart your long-term dreams. It’s not wrong to sacrifice some short-term desires in order to speed up the process of being financially independent so that the future for you and your family becomes brighter.

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