Learn from Hotman Paris, don’t put a lot of money in your wallet

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – The news about the cleaning staff at the North Jakarta mall returning the wallet of the famous lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea went viral in the media. Initially, Hotman finally gave cash rewards to the man named Edi Sanjaya, but he refused twice.

As reported detik.com, the contents of the famous lawyer’s wallet reached Rp. 70 million Rupiah. The wallet fell on Wednesday (22/3) at around 08.00 and was found by Edi. Edi immediately ran to Hotman Paris to return Hotman’s wallet.

For this action, Hotman called Edi like a god.

One thing that is of concern in this event is the contents of Hotman’s wallet, which reaches tens of millions of Rupiah. It is stated that there are five to six Singapore Dollar notes worth 1,000.

As is well known, there have never been specific rules in financial planning around how much funds you have to keep in kind cash in the wallet. However, the more money you save, the greater the risk of loss that can occur.

If the value of your current assets (savings, cash and cash equivalents) is large enough, aka above 50% of net worth, then it is okay to place large amounts of money.

But what is the safe limit for keeping money in your wallet? Here’s the review.

Purpose of saving money cash is for emergencies

Apart from the risk of being lost, the temptation to use money for consumptive needs is also getting higher. You may accidentally use the money to buy snacks or buy things you like, as a result your savings plan may fail.

It’s a good idea for you to take cash of 10-20 percent of your total emergency fund savings, this is because the use of cash is generally intended for urgent needs or expenses that are not too large.

The reason is to be wary of events like what happened to Hotman Paris.

There are no guarantees, there are people like Edi Sanjaya who are willing to return your wallet right away. The more money you keep in your wallet, the greater the loss you will experience if your wallet is lost.

Meanwhile, speaking of emergency funds, the amount of the emergency fund itself will really depend on the size of your expenses. The ideal emergency fund size is at least six times the monthly expenses for those who work as employees and have dependents.

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source: www.cnbcindonesia.com

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