Learn from Catherine Wilson, Here’s How to Clean Up Naughty ART

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – The house of artist and former model Catherine Wilson in Cinere, Depok, West Java was recently reported to have been burglarized.

The perpetrator, who turned out to be working as a household assistant (ART) at the house, took away dollar bills as well as some equipment for shooting YouTube.

reported secondThe perpetrator has been arrested by the police. Reportedly, this incident occurred on April 10, 2023 when Catherine and her husband were going to Sulawesi.

“The suspect took US and Singapore dollars belonging to the victim which were stored on top of the victim’s cupboard and took the victim’s rupiah currency in the cupboard,” said Depok Metro Police Chief Kombes Ahmad Fuady when contacted by detik, Monday (1/5/2023).

The total money taken by ART Catherine consisted of US$ 1,000 and SG$ 400, as well as Rp. 1.7 million in cash.

Not surprisingly, the household member became a suspect in the house theft case. That’s because he is a party that quite understands the ins and outs of the house.

Don’t want to experience something similar like Catherine Wilson? Here are tips on securing things at home from the risk of theft.

Make a work contract with the household member

The actual work contract contains matters relating to the rights and obligations between the employer and the household member concerned.

Although it cannot guarantee 100% that there are no incidents of theft, with a clear work contract, the household member will understand what the consequences will be if he commits this crime.

A work contract can certainly be one way to anticipate this one risk.

Install CCTV cameras

The existence of CCTV cameras at home can certainly be very helpful for monitoring the house when you are away. CCTV installation is certainly not cheap and must be planned in advance.

However, this can become an important household need in the future.

Even if you already have CCTV, still coordinate with the security guard at your residence when you want to leave the house. Provide clear information about who is in charge of guarding your home and your return.

Buy a safe

Safes can certainly be a place to store valuables such as jewelry, cash and so on. You can put a safe that weighs a lot and is equipped with a security code in your private room.

But know that the lack of storing valuables in a safe is actually due to the sophistication and security of the safe itself.

This can be a new problem for the owner if he is careless about the safe code so he forgets how to change the battery.

When the safe is rarely accessed, there will be a potential where the owner forgets the code and existing security features.

As a result, the owner cannot access the assets that should be taken from the safe.

Property insurance

Be aware that CCTV cameras and safes will only delay thieves from taking your valuables. The thing that can protect it all financially is all-risk property insurance.

Property insurance can be a financial protection solution for the house and its contents in the event of a risk or disaster. In Indonesia, there are two property insurances that are commonly marketed, namely fire insurance and property insurance all-risk.

If fire insurance only focuses on protecting property when there is a risk of fire, property all-risk of course not only limited to fire, but other risks such as theft, robbery, and flooding.

The way property insurance works is basically the same as other general insurance. You will pay the money in the form of periodic premiums or contributions to the insurance company according to a written agreement. When a risk/disaster occurs, the insurer will immediately conduct a survey to see the level of loss experienced by the customer.

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