KISI Asset Management Wins Best Mutual Fund Award 2023, JAKARTA — As a form of appreciation for Investment Managers in Indonesia for maintaining stability, both in terms of company performance and Mutual Fund products managed by each company, Infovesta held the Best Mutual Fund Awards 2023.

PT KISI Asset Management is one of the Investment Managers who received an award in the Best Mutual Fund Award category for Money Market Mutual Funds in the IDR 500 Billion – IDR 1 Trillion Asset Class category for a 1 year period and Money Market Mutual Funds in the IDR 500 Billion Asset Class category – IDR 1 Trillion for a period of 3 years.

Main Director of PT KISI Asset Management, Mustofa, explained that KISI Asset Management is an Investment Manager which is part of Korea Investment Holding with various diversified business lines. “And one of the first Investment Manager businesses owned in South Korea with ± 49 years of experience and now has managed Asset Under Management (AUM) of 56 Trillion Won or equivalent to IDR 640 Trillion,” said Mustofa, in a press release, Wednesday ( 5/4/2023).

KISI AM, said Mustofa, has been established since 2019 and has recorded significant AUM growth with a CAGR of 31.56% for the last ± 3 years with funds under management currently Rp. 2.02 Trillion (as of 21 March 2023), of which ± Rp. 1 Trillion contributed by Korean Investors and ± Rp. 1 Trillion was contributed by Domestic Investors, both Individuals and Institutions.

While KISI Money Market Fund itself has recorded significant AUM growth since its launch with a CAGR of 54.99% (over the last ± 3 years) with funds under management of Rp. 950 billion and provides a return for 3 years of ±15.99% (net of tax). “Throughout 2022 KISI Money Market Fund recorded an AUM growth of Rp. 271.75 billion (+51.78% YoY),” said Mustofa

Currently, KISI AM already manages various Mutual Fund products and has marketed them at 13 Selling Agents consisting of Securities and Fintech companies.


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