Keep Working Despite Cancer, About This Cost of Chemo Nunung

Jakarta, – Comedian Nunung finally appears in the latest video on Andre Taulany’s Youtube channel.

Nunung, who showed off her new appearance, said that she was still working even though she had to undergo a series of chemotherapy due to breast cancer.

“I’m still shooting, that’s why I told the doctor when I wanted the first chemo, it was near fasting, I said I got the program and work every day, how about that? (The doctor said) I have to work,” said Nunung on Andre Taulany’s YouTube channel, seen Wednesday (26/4/2023), as quoted second.

According to the doctor who treated Nunung, currently people who are undergoing chemo can still carry out their usual activities, including work, even though the chemo process will indeed hurt.

Nunung herself said that even though she was sick, when she arrived at the shooting location, Nunung could distract her from the pain because by working she could get rid of stress.

Apart from having to be on guard from a mental perspective so as not to be stressed, financial preparations must also be made to anticipate the magnitude of the treatment for cancer.

The cost of chemotherapy varies quite a lot

The cost of chemotherapy at the hospital varies greatly. Launching an article on the Halodoc website, based on Minister of Health Regulation number 52 of 2016, chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients in Indonesia is IDR 4,520,000 for mild chemotherapy to IDR 11,515,700 for severe chemotherapy.

However, know that cancer treatment is not only limited to chemotherapy, but there are operating costs and other treatments.

Chemotherapy is one of the treatments covered by BPJS Health, therefore it is very important to ensure that your BPJS Health contributions are still paid.

Apart from BPJS Kesehatan, health insurance can of course also cover this treatment. The existence of insurance can also be very helpful, especially if the patient wants a faster and more comfortable treatment process.

Critical illness insurance can help you financially

When a person is diagnosed with cancer or other critical illness, critical illness insurance will disburse compensation money that can be used to pay for life.

For cancer sufferers who want to take a short break from their activities in making a living and others, this insurance is certainly the solution.

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