KCI Reveals Why the Bogor-Jakarta KRL Was Crowded with Passengers Yesterday

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com

Vice President PT KAI Commuter Anne Purba revealed the reason for the large number of passengers at Bogor Station on Monday (24/4).

He explained that there were high delays so that his party engineered the operating pattern because of the momentum of the 2023 Eid return so that many long-distance trains entered Jakarta.

“Yesterday there was a high delay, so we are engineering the operation pattern because the peak of backflow has also occurred from yesterday to today,” he told reporters at Jakarta Kota Station, Tuesday (25/4).

Nevertheless, Anne claimed that at that time her party had prepared a train station to accommodate the volume at the Bogor station, which reached 200 thousand passengers.

He also apologized if PT KAI Commuter passengers experienced travel delays, especially on the Jakarta-Bogor route.

Previously, the Commuter Line Electric Train (KRL) to Bogor-Jakarta City was crowded with passengers on Monday (24/4) afternoon. This accumulation of passengers occurred when the KRL schedule was observed to be rare.

Based on monitoring Armfalcon.com.com from Cilebut Station at 11.00 WIB, there was no written schedule for the arrival of the KRL to Jakarta.

Information on the running text of the train ‘Not Available’ is displayed on the notice board while the prospective passengers keep arriving.

How long later did the KRL schedule write 11.30, which then changed again to 11.37. This made the waiting time at the station nearly 40 minutes.

The KRL carriage was already filled with passengers, mostly families, including mothers and children when they arrived at Cilebut Station.

The density got worse because many passengers forced their way in because they had been waiting for the KRL for too long at the station. This also happened at the following stations.


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